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Toxic Derivatives

toxic Finally !! even the capitalist market analysts raised their judgement on – if i may say ” the gamblers making money machine” -.

FYI, according to marketwatch.com, there is approx US$516 trillion investment funds in the global market that has the power to crush any economy in the world. The funds are so tremendous compare t0 the world GDP (US$48 trillion).

The Funds are no longer managed in the long-term investment scheme and most of it neglecting the investment rules (level of risk). Its playground is most likely in the derivatives such as composite index, forex and other no- underlying asset transactions.

Referring to Hideki Amikura’s opinion – forex mgr Nomura Trust and Banking, Tokyo-, it will be a disaster when investors have reach the reluctance in investing their money in the capital market and put their money in the commodity market.

What has it got to do with the commodity market? well.., you may have already seen it, oil price is rocketing, wheat price reached new record of the highest price, as well as the soy bean ( ahaa..we experiencing this in our country right?..no more TEMPE for a while..). The Consumers / poor people is at STAKE!!

How to stop it? Bill Gros – Investor Guru from US- said that the conditions are as a result of the raging bull investment managers, they acted as if they can do anything in the capital market world, plus.., the lacking of capital market rules that limits them in jeopardizing the investors.


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